Is your life ‘all work and no play’? Life passing you by?
Want to be a creative writer but just can’t seem to find the time?
Ready to change?
I’ll give your practical effective tools to enable you to find the time to declutter, get organised and start a daily writing habit.

‘I shall create a new world for myself.’
Frederic Chopin


I’ll help you find the time to nourish your artistic passion and include writing in your life by creating a daily habit.
I’ll also support and challenge you as you re-connect with self and community, finally take action and embrace your creativity.
Why not write your book, indulge your passion for poetry and live the creative life you crave?

‘You can’t be a resource for others unless you nourish yourself.’
Alexandra Stoddard


I’ll share my knowledge and experience, alongside providing practical tips and tricks so you can finally create your written work.
You can establish your creative identity and improve your self-worth. Sharing your writing with confidence can become one small part of your happy, healthy and creative life/work balance.

‘The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.’
Leonard Nimoy

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